Santa Fake - Now on DVD and Digital

Santa Fake - Now on DVD and Digital
A classic Christmas movie full of holiday music, sentimental romance, family-friendly comedy, and colorful holiday spirit,  SANTA FAKE brings holiday cheer with top-notch musical numbers and brilliant performances by a delightful cast that will enchant the whole family.

Pat Keeley (Damian McGinty, “Glee;” Celtic Thunder), an undocumented Northern Irish immigrant has made his way to NYC where he is taken in, unwittingly, by a crime boss (John Rhys-Davies). Asked to deliver two mysterious briefcases, naïve Pat in a panic ends up in the wrong destination: Santa Fe, New Mexico. Santa Fe gives him a home and a job as the shopping mall Santa Claus, allowing him to hide in plain sight from both the authorities and the gangsters he is trying to evade. As Pat gets wrapped up deeper into the spirit of Christmas and his role as Santa Claus, he finds that the phony white beard and big red suit are more than just a handy disguise, but instead his real destiny.

SANTA FAKE features an all-star cast including Damian McGinty (“Glee;” Celtic Thunder), Heather Morris (“Glee”), John Rhys-Davies ( Lord of the Rings,  Indiana Jones), Judd Nelson (“Empire;”  The Breakfast Club;  St. Elmo’s Fire), Jeff Fahey (“Lost;”  Alita: Battle Angel,  Machete), Tony Amendola ( The Legend of Zorro; “Stargate;”  Blow Annabelle), Gary Farmer ( Dead Man; “Longmire;” “The Red Road”), Soledad Saint Hilaire ( Real Women Have Curves;  Ocean’s Thirteen), and Pancho Moler (“Ray Donovan;” “American Horror Story”).

Also on its way in Santa’s sleigh, as companions to the film, are the EP “Songs of  SANTA FAKE” by Damian McGinty, “ SANTA FAKE : The Movie Soundtrack,” and the children’s picture book:  SANTA FAKE:  You Are Never Alone at Christmas, which will be available in e-book and print.

My Thoughts

Santa Fake is a fun holiday film that centers around a young ran named Pat Keeley who came to American during the to start a new life. While looking for employment, be accidentally gets involved with a New York crime boss which gets him into all sorts of trouble with the law. While out on a mission, he accidentally gets lost and winds up with both the gangsters and police out to get him. To escape them both, he goes undercover as Santa Claus and learns about the true meaning of Christmas.

This is a great movie for the whole family to watch. There are lots of funny moments and a few magical ones as well. It's a little predictable, but it's still a lot of fun and kids are sure to enjoy it. We have actually watched it three times already, and I am quite certain we will be watching it many more times this holiday season. Children of all ages, as well as adults will love this movie and will want to add it to their movie library. It's a great way to get in the holiday mood.If you want to grab a copy of this fun holiday flick, you can find it in stores nationwide or online at Amazon.

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