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Excerpt From the Book

There once was a boy, 
Pat Keeley,
Raised by kind nuns. 
Oh yes, really!

While their hospitality was nice, 
It didn't suffice.
He grew up, and grew bored 
And left freely.

Looking for adventure,
A new life and a job, 
Pat jumped on a ship 
And began to swab.

With a bucket and mop
He made the deck shine – 
A fine contribution
To the fancy cruise line.

Then one day, 
The great ship docked.
And boy, oh boy, 
Pat was shocked!

Greeted by a giant stone lady
And cheerful cheers of:
“Ahoy there, Matey!”
His fellow sailors had shouted out.
This was a very BIG city, no doubt!

This was not like Ireland -
So green, so quaint.
His head began to swirl. 
He wanted to faint!